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Rule Revisions for Admincode R 460.20101

2019-059 LR

Michigan Gas Safety Standards
(Licensing and Regulatory Affairs , Public Service Commission)

In order for Michigan to maintain jurisdiction over gas pipeline facilities and transportation, the state must certify that it has adopted each applicable federal standard, or is taking steps to adopt that standard, 49 USC 60105(b)(2). Failure to adopt the updates to the federal standards will eventually lead to reduction or termination of federal funding to the state to carry out enforcement of these standards. In addition, failure to maintain local jurisdiction over pipeline regulation will mean that pipelines located in Michigan will be forced to submit to federal regulators located in Washington D.C. or other out-of-state locations. Thus, the primary purpose of these amendments is to adopt by reference current federal regulations governing gas safety along with updating certain other technical standards contained in the rules. The MPSC also proposes to add record retention periods. The proposed amendments also make minor changes to Michigan rules so that the language in these rules conforms more closely to the federal rules.