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Rule Revisions for Admincode R 338.3101

2019-057 LR

Board of Pharmacy – Controlled Substances
(Licensing and Regulatory Affairs , Bureau of Professional Licensing)

The purpose of the Pharmacy - Controlled Substances Rules is to regulate the schedules, licenses, security, records, dispensing and administering, prescriptions, distributions, and administrative and disciplinary procedures for controlled substances. The draft rules will: clarify R 338.3135, which requires an individual seeking a controlled substance license or an individual who already has a controlled substance license to prescribe or dispense controlled substances to complete a 1-time training on opioids and controlled substances awareness; and R 338.3162b, which requires a pharmacist, dispensing prescriber, and veterinarian licensed in Michigan, to report data to an electronic drug monitoring system when they dispense schedule 2 to 5 controlled substances.